Mage History

The history of the Mages in Ohio began in 1897, when a group from New York fled to the city in the wake of a Chantry massacre performed by the Technocracy, then . The Verbena, attracted to Columbus because of it’s first parks, meet and apprenticed a young Kinfolk of the Children of Gaia. Making deals with the Werewolf Pack leader, and James Taylor, the Vampire Prince, the Verbena called in it’s surviving Chantry mates to establish themselves in Columbus.

The Chantry was able to freely rebuild itself until, in 1921, the Technocratic Union established a Chantry under the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s main branch. The Union started performing attacks against individual Tradition mages, trying to scare the members into revealing their hiding places. That didn’t happen, however, and the Chantry reorganized itself for war. Learning that Pentex was allied with the Union, they were able to draw the Werewolves into their war. Over the years, small Technocratic Chanteries were built to distract the Traditions from the main one. When one would be destroyed, they would go into hiding for a few years, only to resurface and renew the battles from a new location.

In 1945, troubles between the Werewolves and Mages started to surface. The Verbena lost control of the Chantry to the Order of Hermes, who tried to enlist the Werewolves’ help in destroying their ancient enemies, the traitorous Tremere clan. While the werewolves would help against the technocrats, who they saw as defilers of Gaia, they refused to break their non-agression pacts, and forcing them into a three sided war against the Vampires, who’s leader they saw as Honorable, and barely wyrm tainted.

This would cause them to bump heads again and again until 2009, when the Technocracy seemed to have been finally pushed out of the city. In truth, the Technocrats, having ran out of Satellite Chanteries, were unwilling to risk their main one. Seeing this as their chance to wipe out the Tremere, the Order of Hermes mages made a final appeal to the Werewolves for aid against their rogue house. This time, the Sept leader was less than courteous in refusing, stating that until the Vampires break their truce first, they will do nothing to aid the mages in their war against the Vampires. Angered with this, the Chantry leader broke contact with the Werewolves and forbidden the members to have any contact with their ‘treacherous former allies.’ Learning of this, the Union and Pentex saw their chance. Moving the main chantry to the current Library, the Union started to gear up for war again.

Mage History

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