Vampire History

James Taylor, the first Vampire in Columbus, arrived during the initial building phase of what would become the city of Columbus. Bringing with him other Vampires from across Virginia, he started to build the infrastructure of the city’s Kindred when they were discovered by the Werewolves that had settled in the region. James wasn’t a fool, and despite the Werwolves being the ones to attack first, he tried to quell their assaults as bloodlessly as possible. He convinced the werewolves’ leader to agree to a non-agression pact by arming his meople with silvered ammo.

Afterwards, he sought to maintain the peace with the Werewolves,performing many services for them while keeping his own people in line. Through his lobbying, he managed to get Columbus into the list of possible perminant state capitals, and with his influence, managed to win that glory for his city.

Seeing his city as a chance to foster peace with the Independant clans, he requested a few members of all 4 clans to send a few members to the city to settle in 1999. The Assamites settled around the Masjid Omar Mosque, the oldest one in the city, which was located in the University District. The Followers of Set settled in the King-Lincoln Bronzeville neighborhood, turning an abandoned movie theatre into their temple. The Giovanni Clan settled in the Short North Italian Village neighborhood. The Ravnos, for reasons known to themselves, scattered, settling in the Trailer Parks.

To keep the Mages and Werewolves happy, he would consult with them for the layout of the city and creation of parks. His temperment was even able to keep the Anarch movement from gaining ground. The Sabbat was another story, however. Twice before, they tried to crusade against his city, but was able to keep them out with the help of his Mage and Werewolf allies.

During the depression, he helped to shield the city’s mortals from feeling the worst of it. Using his vast funds, he kept buisnesses open and the people happy. After the Sabbat’s second raid on the city, he convinced the city to start urban renewal projects to scour away the places where they could hide. This, however, brought Pentex and Black Spiral dancers into the city.

These two groups helped convince Michael, James’ grandchild and Childe in the Kindred sense, to overthrow his sire. Michael, who had long coveted his sire’s seat of power had never been able to gain enough allies to make the power grab feasable until they approached him in 2011. Then, on December 25th, during a closed primogen meeting, Michael, his two coterie mates, and a group of Black Spiral Dancers eliminated the Prince and the entire Primogen council, except for the Malkavian representative who was dealing with clan matters that night. Blaming it on the Garou of the Battelle-Darby Sept, he used fear of the werwolves to convince a Justicar and Archon, visiting on their way to New York, to name him Prince.

One survivor of the attack, a Brujah names Patrick Ryan, was there to plead with the Primogen to convince the city to dump funds into creating a new Sewage plant because the fumes from the old one was harming his herd, and made him have to shut his nightclub down. He alone escaped the bloodshed, and, unable to convince the Justicar of what he saw, went into hiding. He is currently trying to put together an Anarch Movement in the city, planning on proving what the Prince did, and siezing control of the city. Whether the city becomes an Anarch held one or remains in the Camarilla will depend on what the Justicars and the Inner Circle has to say when the Justicar return to check on the status of the city next year.

Currently, the city is in Chaos. The Prince has so far refused to name a new Primogen Council, and placed his coterie mates into the positions of Scourge and Sheriff. The Independant Clans are starting to feel Michael’s predjudices towards them, and a few Kindred have joined the Anarchs so far. The Sabbat, ever-watchful for their chance, might even be organizing a new Crusade against the City.

Vampire History

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