Werewolf History

Long before the city of Columbus existed, the Uktena tribe ruled the Central Ohio region. When the French Fur traders started to come into the territory, they welcomed the hunters hesitantly. Trade started to flourish soon after. Things were going good for the Uktena, but little did they know it wasn’t going to last long.

In 1702, the local tribe encountered their first European bretheren. What started off as trading of ideals with the Fianna soon became an all out war. Lucas Sullivan, founder of Franklinton,’s brother, Michael was actually a Silver Fang Ahroun. They tried to build relations with the Uktena, but accidentally slighted their leader. Lucas, who was just trying to create a village where Kinfolk could settle at the edge of the frontier barely escaped the camp with his life. Gathering his allies, he returned to the camp and nearly wiped them out to the last person. In a gesture of mercy, he allowed a few Uktena survivors and their Kinfolk to move into the town.

When the city of Columbus was created at the urging of the city’s first Prince, James Taylor, another war erupted. This one, a silent war, pitted Franklinton’s 6 Garou against nearly two dozen vampires, all armed with rifles and silver shot. Both sides would have been wiped out, if James hadn’t been able to forge a truce with the Garou, promising that the Vampire’s hunts against the Garou would end and letting them keep the area around the Darby River in exchange for a promise of Non-agression against the vampires who stayed in the city.

The Mages’ arrival in the city was much more peaceful. The first contact was between one of the Sept’s Kinfolk, an awakened but untrained Mage, and the Verbena, who were drawn to the city’s parks. Joining the Verbena, he became the Chantry’s emissary to his Garou kin. And over the years, the Mages and Werewolves have worked together against the Conventions, and later, the Black Spiral dancers. Their only disagreements were about the Tremere. The Mages requested time and again for the Werewolves to help them to stamp out the Clan in the city, but the Werewolves refused, feeling honor bound to keep their peace with the Vampires.

The Vampire-Werewolf peace stayed the status quo, and has even gone a step beyond on several occasions. On several occasions, James has arranged for his Sheriff and Scourge to help locate werewolves who underwent the first change and escorted them to Sept territory if the wolves weren’t able to come retrieve the new werewolves themselves.

That ended when James’ grandson and childe, Michael, arranged for James’ assassination on December 25th, 2011. After the Prince died, Michael arranged with the Black Spiral Dancers, who had settled into the Bottoms, and Pentex, to help stage the scene to look like the Garou were involved in his death. Now, the war between Vampires and Werewolves threatens to rage across Ohio again, while the Mages, under the command of a new Chantry leader, have closed off communications after the Current Sept Leader last refusal to fight against the Tremere in 2009.

Werewolf History

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